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The BS degree in Equine Science and Management is a science-based program that focuses on the horse and the Equine Industry. Students can choose from two options when majoring in Equine Science and Management.


Animal Sciences


  • Equine Science
    • This option is for students who want to develop a deeper understanding of animal biology and biochemistry and who want to work directly with horses in farm management settings or pursue graduate study in equine science.
  • Equine Management
    • This option is for students interested in careers in fields allied with the equine industry and requires courses focusing on business, agricultural marketing, and hospitality.





This is an interdisciplinary degree that draws from faculty expertise in Animal Sciences, Agricultural Economics, Plant and Soil Sciences, Community and Leadership Development, Hospitality Management, and other areas. Our faculty teach courses in the area of their expertise and incorporate the results of their research into their coursework. In this way students are exposed to the most recent information in a specific subject.

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