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Agricultural Biotechnology
The application of many scientific disciplines to the study of living organisms and the use of this information for commercial/practical applications.
Biotechnology involves genetic engineering, antibody and vaccine production, fermentation technology, plant regeneration from single cells, and many more emerging scientific techniques.

The challenges of Agricultural Biotechnology are to expand its usefulness by identifying and cloning new genes and traits, developing new diagnostic tests and vaccines, and continuing to use these tools to better understand the plants, animals, and microbes that make up our world.

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Scientists have a new set of tools through Agricultural Biotechnology:

  • Plant, animal, and human disease diagnosis relies heavily on biotechnology for answers to age-old questions.
  • Recombinant DNA technology (genetic engineering) provides enormous potential for detecting, modifying, or adding genes into organisms. We are no longer limited to the gene pool within a species.
  • Fermentation biotechnology has led to the production of new livestock food additives, vitamins, and growth hormones,
    all in a fraction of the time it once took entire research teams to accomplish similar tasks.

"Agricultural Biotechnology offers an exceptional opportunity in a wide range of scientific areas. The faculty helped me with internships,
job opportunities, professional advice, and personal advice; even as a professional, after graduate school, I still turn to them - the
faculty make the College of Agriculture special

- Warren Pinkston
Alltech Biotechnology

"As a high school student I was nervous about attending a big university like UK. Well, I worried for nothing. The College of Agriculture is small and personal, so I'm getting a great education in a place that's friendly and helpful."

- Holly Kennedy

As a University of Kentucky Agricultural Biotechnology student you will be involved in cutting-edge research as part of your degree.

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