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Family and Consumer Science Education Student, Courtney Murphy Yaste, while student teaching

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Teaching isn’t for everyone—you can rattle off the names of bad teachers you’ve had. But good teachers can change a life forever. The Career and Technical Education degree includes our Agricultural Education and Family and Consumer Sciences Education programs. There is strong demand for Agricultural and Family and Consumer Science educators at the middle and high school level. These teachers are instrumental in promoting and providing education about agriculture and the human sciences to new generations of leaders. As a teacher you have the opportunity to shape the future when you major in Career and Technical Education with an option in either Agricultural or Family and Consumer Science Education.

Career & Technical Degree Program Organizational Chart

Students take courses in disciplinary, education, and professional content. Graduates of this degree pursue careers in both formal and informal education of agriculture or family and consumer sciences. Formal education opportunities include teaching in the middle school or high school classroom. Informal education opportunities include working in Extension and the public or private sectors of industry.


Ashley Puckett,  Agricultural Education Senior working with   students during Project  EdUKacation Day 


 Agricultural Education— If you love agriculture and want to share your knowledge with kids and adults, then consider a future in agricultural education. You can specialize in one area, such as horticulture, or you may be a generalist and teach one course each in several areas. You’ll have flexibility in the ages you teach, and whether you work indoors or outdoors, or in a rural or urban setting. The broad technical agricultural background obtained in the Agricultural Education option is also good preparation for employment in the public and private sectors.


 Family and Consumer Science Education Student, Jessica Lester, while student teachingFamily and Consumer Science Education — If you want to promote health families, consumer education, and nutrition and wellness to young people, this may be the path for you! FCS Education prepares you for career opportunities in a multitude of settings which include: teaching in a formal classroom setting such as a middle school or high school; being an adult educator; a teacher of students with special needs; a Cooperative Extension Service agent; a FCS professional for a company that makes and sells consumer products. Plus, you may work in a variety of jobs from a community agency family life educator to a media development specialist in family and consumer sciences.


Your College Courses

The two options share a common core of education coursework that provides a solid foundation in the science of teaching and learning. Each option offers you choices. Working closely with your faculty advisor, you will shape your undergraduate degree program to match your interests and career goals.



"I’ve been able to find my dream career thanks to the Agricultural Education program. I had the opportunity to learn ‘people’ skills at the same time I was enrolled in turf management courses, and now I’m representing Dow AgriSciences at golf tournaments and trade shows. How can an avid amateur golfer do better than that?"
Robert Stewart
Agricultural Education
Sales Representative


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