Pre-Pharmacy Advising

At the University of Kentucky (UK), pre-professional programs are interest areas that students complete alongside their UK Core requirements and major curriculum. Students applying to the University of Kentucky College of Pharmacy may complete necessary coursework in two or three years. Students may also pursue any major as long as pre-pharmacy prerequisite coursework is completed.

The College of Agriculture, Food and Environment offers support and guidance to students throughout the college interested in applying to pharmacy school. In addition to outlining necessary coursework and guiding students through application processes, the college’s preprofessional advisor also directs students to University programs, such as UK Education Abroad or the Center for Community Outreach, that foster well-rounded pharmacy school applicants.

Meet With An Advisor
Pre-pharmacy students should meet with a pre-professional advisor at least twice during their freshman/sophomore years and at least three times during their junior/senior years. Visit and click “Advising Resources” for instructions on setting up an appointment with the college’s pre-professional advisor. Pre-pharmacy students are also encouraged to attend pre-pharmacy workshops, meetings, and events at the UK College of Pharmacy each semester. Students can meet with the UK College of Pharmacy prepharmacy advisor as needed by emailing sharon.gonzales@

Join the pre-pharmacy listserv to receive information about upcoming events, club meetings, and tips and strategies for preparing for pharmacy school. To subscribe, send an email message to and type “SUBSCRIBE PPADVISEES” in the body of the message.

Pharmacy at UK
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The following is a general outline of UK College of Pharmacy requirements (not including UK Core or major requirements). Please note UK prerequisites may differ from other pharmacy schools:

• Biology + lab (1 semester) BIO 148 and 155
• Microbiology + lab (1 semester) BIO 208, 209 or BIO 308 + lab
• Human Anatomy (1 semester) ANA 209
• Physiology (1 semester) PGY 206
• General Chemistry + labs (1 year) CHE 105 & 111, and CHE 107 & 113
• Organic Chemistry + labs (1 year) CHE 230, 231 and CHE 232, 233
• Mathematics (1 semester - 1 year) MA 109 & MA 123 or MA 113
• Statistics (1 semester) STA 296 or BST 330
• English (1 year) WRD/CIS 110 and WRD/CIS 111
• Business (1 semester) ECO 201, ECO 202, ACC 201 or FIN 300
• Oral Communications (1 semester) WRD/CIS 110/111 or 112
• Electives: Enough hours to bring total to a minimum of 70 semester hours including the courses listed above

The following courses are also recommended, or required for some pharmacy school admission:
• Biochemistry, BCH 401G (reccomended pass/fail)
• Genetics, BIO 304
• Physics, PHY 211

Other courses to consider:
courses required by major, general education courses, dual degree prerequisites, healthcare-related courses such as public health, human health sciences, medical terminology, pharmacology and clinical leadership management courses

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For a printable Pre-Pharmacy advising handout, click here