While a broad, liberal arts education is generally considered to be an excellent preparation for law school, there is no fixed, comprehensive pre-law curriculum prescribed by any American law school. In general, pre-law students should develop rigorous study habits, become skilled in clear and logical communication, and select courses that can enhance critical reading, writing, and analytical skills (e.g. logic and philosophy courses, among many others). 

There is no specified undergraduate degree program required for entry into law school. Students are advised to choose the major that is the best fit in terms of personal interests, strengths and alternative career options. Students are advised to explore the web sites of law schools in which they are interested and to familiarize themselves with admissions standards at those schools. Almost all law schools require students to take the Law School Admission Test (LSAT). Additional information is available from the Law School Admission Council, www.lsac.org

Pre-Law Listserv

Pre-Law information is periodically posted to the Pre-Law Listserv. To subscribe to the listserv, send an email message to listserv@lsv.uky.edu. Type SUBSCRIBE PRE-LAW-L in the body of the message.

UK Student Groups Related to Pre-Law

Phi Alpha Delta

UK's pre-law chapter of Phi Alpha Delta (PAD), a part of the world's largest law fraternity, unites academically talented students who demonstrate a strong interest in pursuing a legal career and increases their awareness of the law profession and the process of being admitted to law school. Three of the main components that law school admissions officers look at are LSAT scores, GPA and community involvement; PAD's main focus is on the success of individuals in all three areas. Programs include lectures by practicing attorneys and current law students, social activities, Law Day, and most importantly practice LSAT’s, which are available to all students interested in Pre-Law. 

More Student Groups

Pre-Law Advising

Many faculty and advisors throughtout the college, including those in Agricultural Economics, Community and Leadership Development, NRES, and others, offer students guidance on law school preparation.  Students seeking help with resumes, personal statements, finding relevant experience and related items, may schedule an appointment with the college's Director of Career Development

Sites of Interest

 For a printable Pre-Law advising handout, click here.