University of Kentucky College of Agriculture

How to Schedule a Graduation Audit Appointment


To schedule a graduation audit using myUK:

  1. Log into myUK
  2. Click “myinfo"
  3. Click “Schedule Advisor Meeting”
  4. Click “College of Agriculture”
  5. Click “Graduation Audit with S. Skees” or "Graduation Audit with L. Gladstone" (please choose according to major)
  6. Click on one of the dates highlighted in blue.
  7. Select a time for your appointment.
  8. Your appointment will be scheduled.

You will receive a confirmation email with additional information. You will also receive an appointment reminder 72 hours prior to your appointment. If you need to cancel your appointment, please click on the link in your confirmation email, follow the steps above and click on the “x” under cancel. If you need to change your appointment, you will need to cancel your first appointment and then schedule your new appointment following the steps above.

If you have additional questions about graduation or applying for graduation, please contact:

Susan Skees
N8 Ag. Science Bldg. North


Louise Gladstone
112 Erikson Hall
(859) 257-2855