Ken Freedman Outstanding Advisor University of KentuckyEach year, the University of Kentucky Advising Network recognizes two advisors, one professional advisor and one faculty advisor, with the Ken Freedman Outstanding Advisor Award. 

The College of Agriculture, Food and Environment boasts 19 Freedman nominees this year, more than any other college or unit at the University. The college's nominees, listed below, will be recognized at the Ken Freedman Luncheon on February 16. 

The two awardees will receive a $500 travel grant from UK Student and Academic Support, a unit of the UK Division of Student and Academic Life. Awardees will also be nominated by the University for the NACADA Region 3 Excellence in Advising Award and for the National Academic Advising Association Outstanding Advisor Award.

Ken Freedman, the award's namesake, was one of the founders of the UK Advising Network in 1986 and served as a professional advisor at UK until his death in 2001.

College Nominees: Professional Advisors 

Esther FlemingAgricultural and Medical Biotechnology
John HillCommunity and Leadership Development
Ann LeedAnimal Sciences
Geri PhilpottNatural Resources and Environmental Science
Anissa RadfordDietetics and Human Nutrition
Susan SkeesAgricultural Economics

College Nominees: Faculty Advisors

Mary ArthurNatural Resources and Environmental Science
Kenny BurdineAgricultural Economics
Czarena CrofcheckBiosystems and Agricultural Engineering
Rebekah EppsAgricultural Education
Grace GorrellCommunity and Leadership Development
Robert HoutzHorticulture
Krista JacobsenHorticulture
Leigh MaynardAgricultural Economics
Mika PryorRetailing and Tourism Management
Jack SchiefferAgricultural Economics
Tammy StephensonDietetics and Human Nutrition
Jason SwansonRetailing and Tourism Management
Scarlett WesleyRetailing and Tourism Management